Disaster Guidelines

In the event of a major island-wide natural disaster, the ARB has adopted procedures to expedite project review and approval immediately following such an event, thus facilitating tree removals, repairs, and rebuilding while maintaining Kiawah’s standards for excellence. The ARB will endeavor to work closely and cooperatively with each applicant to restore Kiawah’s living environment.

  1. For existing homes and homes under construction, no approval is required to remove trees that are uprooted, trees that have fallen across structures, trees that have fallen on the ground, or trees that are leaning and in danger of falling. Please notify ARB of the removal by forwarding photos with the address of the downed tree conditions.
  2. For undeveloped lots, please contact the ARB for downed or leaning tree removals and submit a Vegetation Removal Request Form. For Cassique, the form can be obtained here.
  3. To repair a damaged structure to its previously existing condition, please complete the Construction Application Deposit and Agreement Form to receive an ARB building permit. For Cassique, the form can be obtained here. No fee or deposit is required if there are no changes, but the ARB must be notified once repairs are completed. Forms can be sent to ARB@Kiawah.com.
  4. For changes or modifications from previously existing conditions during repairs (such as changes to roofing, landscaping, paint color, or exterior materials, etc.), please submit for an improvement review to the ARB. Fees and deposits will apply for changes during repairs. Submittal forms can be obtained here.
  5. Demolition and rebuilding will be subject to ARB review and approval and to TOKI permitting process due to potential changes required by current guidelines, ordinances, or applicable building codes. Expedited ARB review procedures may apply.
  6. It is recommended that property owners keep a hard copy or digital file of their house plans with them during an evacuation.