ARB Setback Table & Graphics

The following setbacks are provided for informative purposes only. It is imperative that the Property Owner obtain confirmation of specific setbacks from the ARB for any use. Please see Designing with Nature for the guidelines regarding setbacks.

Setback Table1

Updated 8-14-2017

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1Setbacks are dimensioned from the property line or the OCRM “critical line,” using whichever is most restrictive.
2Setback dimensions for combination lots can be obtained directly from the ARB staff.
3Setbacks illustrated graphically are not yet available online. Please contact the ARB staff to obtain the setback graphic for a specific property.
4Plat and Deed information can be accessed through Charleston County RMC. You can access the Search page here.
5Zero Lot Line information can be found in the Patio Home Covenants here.